Developing Your Eye Day Six

Thank you to those who have answered my question on my previous post. I really appreciate it. For me, the most frustrating part of learning is when you’re circling around and don’t see a direction to exit. Your comments are very helpful.

When I signed up for the class, my goal was taking more photos and I did that for a few days. Then it rained one day. ;-( You know the rest of the story, I am sure.

At first, I was disappointed that I didn’t shoot any new photo for my assignments, but now I am quite ok with it because I have learned a lot by staring at one photo and trying to do my best to make it a photo that I really like.


This is one of our favorite trees. For the theme “solitude”, I think it would be better if the tree is smaller and surrounding field is bigger… hmm… maybe I was thinking “lonely”. (You see what I mean? It’s like playing a never-ending game. 😉


At first, I cropped this photo to portrait format. I didn’t like it that much, so I changed his vest to red. And I still didn’t like it. After I changed only the top part of his vest to a different red, I like it better, but, still, something bothered me. I finally realized that I really like it in landscape format. 😉 Add a little red will probably help, but I am exhausted by now.

Developing Your Eye II, Day Six: “landscape”


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A retired computer programmer who loves writing and photographing, and has managed to publish a YA novel "Jin-Ling’s Two Left".
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28 Responses to Developing Your Eye Day Six

  1. Amy says:

    That is beautiful capture of your favorite tree. Love it. 🙂 The back light of the landscape is a clever shot.

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  2. loisajay says:

    Both photos are great, Helen. I don’t know that I would have liked red on the fisherman’s vest. I like the green/brown of nature as is. It is a very relaxing photo to look at. And when I got tired of watching him fish, I would lie down under your favorite tree, which is quite beautiful.

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  3. Lady Oscar says:

    Thank you for sharing the tree! it is very inspirational. “solitude” is a great title!

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  4. dishdessert says:

    good article, I liked your website, I invite you to my blog:

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  5. Prior-2001 says:

    I am so curious how the red would have looked – and by the way – I am going to read the article u linked to L- looks interesting –
    Anyhow – what a cool tree to drive by – it really is unique and solitude is a good word – xxoo

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  6. Beautiful shots particularly love the tree and the fisherman.

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  7. amruta00487 says:

    Stunning photos 🙂

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  8. You made some terrific photos. I had not noticed this course of ‘Developing Your Eye’, so I went looking for it. Seems very interesting and I immediately signed up. Thank you!

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    • Helen C says:

      Thank you, Marga, I am glad you liked my photo and very happy to hear that you’ve signed up for the class too. I am sure you will enjoy it.
      I still have your hanger photo in my head 😉 Great one. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos.

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      • Great,Helen, I hope I can live up to your expectations. The class is great, because it urges you to look in another way. Maybe I will not be posting these pictures every day, but I certainly will in the near future.
        My photo was made by one of my three nieces (daughters of my sister). What you cannot see is that I am holding your ten-day’s old baby girl in my arms. So I guess I was enjoying myself then.

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  9. restlessjo says:

    I would like the series better if I saw before and afters, I think, Helen. Then I could see the improvement.

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    • Helen C says:

      Thanks, Jo. I AGREE! But then you would find out I don’t take good photos after all. Ha.
      Seriously, I think the best improvement is that I begin to understand what kind photographer I am and I am happy to be that photographer. In other words, I find my photographing voice and I like it (for now) 😉
      Have a great day.

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  10. Lignum Draco says:

    Lovely landscapes. A red vest would be a bit too strong for the photo, I think.

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