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One Word Photo Challenge: Child

One Word Photo Challenge (hosted by Jennifer Nichole Wells) : Child We came back from D.C. three days ago, and I noticed this photo challenge. I have never participated Jennifer’s challenge before, but the theme of child brings a smile … Continue reading

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Developing Your Eye Day Ten

It’s the last day of the course ;-( I want to thank The Daily Post Blogging University for offering these great courses; I want to thank all my wonderful readers for visiting my blog and leaving encouraging words. Now that … Continue reading

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Developing Your Eye Day Nine

I can’t believe this is the ninth day already. For the past 8 days, the first thing I would do in the morning, other than having a cup of coffee, was working on the course assignments. I am not ready … Continue reading

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CCY #23 Black and White: The Basic

CCY #23 Black and White: The Basic This is the first time I am submitting to Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge (I have submitted to her other challenges many times). In this series, Cee gives us a lot good tips … Continue reading

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Developing Your Eye Day Eight

For some reason, I read the course title out loud this morning, thinking this course, actually, not only has developed my eye, but also sharpened my mind. I smiled, knowing that I had gotten something extra for the price I’d … Continue reading

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Developing Your Eye Day Seven

A year or two ago, I was frustrated with the photos I took and a couple of blogging friends (great photographers) advised me to put more thoughts into my photos. They told me “try to shoot from different angles”, “don’t … Continue reading

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Developing Your Eye Day Six

Thank you to those who have answered my question on my previous post. I really appreciate it. For me, the most frustrating part of learning is when you’re circling around and don’t see a direction to exit. Your comments are … Continue reading

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