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Fine Dining

Yesterday while I was walking on the treadmill, my husband was watching an episode of Chef’s Table that featured chef Massimo Bottura. One of Massimo Bottura’s “famous” dishes has only 6 tortellini on the plate. “He is right… people wouldn’t … Continue reading

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What were your favorite toys as a child?

This is the third week since we started StoryWorth project. The question I received on the first week was: What was your Mom like when you were a child? And the second week was: What do you like most about … Continue reading

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Coming Back, and a Letter to a Fan

Where did time go? What happened? Let me tell you… (1) Blogging is like exercise. You blog every week for a while and think you deserve a short break and then a short break turns into a long one. One … Continue reading

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XDrive Photo Story (Sep) – Part 2

Raj started a new Photo Story Series, and it goes like this: he writes the first part of the story, and we will continue writing 2nd, 3rd…, etc. (Every week one contribution will be chosen as a part of the … Continue reading

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Horses and Childhood Dreams: Times Past Challenge

This is my submission to Irene’s Times Past Challenge, and this month’s subject is: Horses and Childhood Dreams. Baby Boomer – Tainan, Taiwan I grew up in the city of Tainan. Back then, cows were used by farmers as transportation … Continue reading

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Bicycles: Times Past

This is my first submission to Irene’s Times Past, and this month’s subject is: Bicycles. (I’ve noticed that my English is getting worse and worse. Many commonly used words become unfamiliar to me. I need to do something, so this … Continue reading

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Tomato and Apple

Staring at this picture long enough, I started hearing voices. Some came from the tomato, some apples. Discrimination doesn’t come with a sound or smell. It’s difficult to prove its existence. Some aren’t aware of been discriminated; some don’t know … Continue reading

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