Tequila Sunrise (NaBloPoMo Day 28)

When my daughter was a second grader in elementary school, I discovered Tequila Sunrise at one social gethering. The drink is easier to swallow, comparing to other drinks. And I liked the yellow, red colors. I would stare at it for a long time before taking a sip. Seeing how much I loved the drink, my husband started making it, once in a while, at home for me.

One day while my husband was making the drink, he saw my second grade daughter, who was standing next to him, paying attention to his every move. He decided to show her how. My smart daughter soon became my personal bartender. “Mom, would you like a Tequila Sunrise?” she would ask when she was very bored. Quite often I would say ok.

We had a water-leaking problem in one of the bathrooms one day. I asked my college’s brother, who was a plumber, to come to take a look. When the doorbell rang, I opened the door to greet the plumber. After chatting a little bit with him about his brother (my college), I was ready to show him where the bathroom was. Then, I heard a loud voice saying, “Mom, should I make him a Tequila Sunrise?”

I have not had another Tequila Sunrise ever since!

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About Helen C

A retired computer programmer who loves writing and photographing, and has managed to publish a YA novel "Jin-Ling’s Two Left".
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15 Responses to Tequila Sunrise (NaBloPoMo Day 28)

  1. Rupali says:

    😀 😀 😀 I just love this.

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  2. I appreciate this Helen!!!

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  3. Joanne Sisco says:

    That’s hilarious! Children are priceless with the things they say 😀

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    • Helen C says:

      Thanks, Joanne. Yes, they are priceless with the things they said. I am still laughing at one story I heard 20 years ago. My manager and her daughter were waiting in the line at a the bank. Suddenly, the little girl said to the lady in front of them, “Move over, you fat lady. Mom has things to do.” Those were the exact words my manager had said when she was driving behind a slow moving car 😉
      Have a wonderful evening.


  4. Amy says:

    Love this story. 🙂 🙂

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  5. Wonderful … what did the plumber say? 😃

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  6. Edward Tan says:

    Hilarious! Is that guy handsome? 🙂

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