Award Free Blog

Not that someone is nominating me for an award… 😉

I’ve read several bloggers’ “Award Free Blog” page. I understand why they choose not to accept an award, and decide to do exactly the same.

I am here to learn and to share. I shall focus on learning and sharing.


8 Responses to Award Free Blog

  1. Trudi says:

    Thanks for the tip! I”ll do this too!


  2. jamoroki says:

    I’ve never seen an ‘Award Free Blog’ page before. Good idea I imagine if you get pestered. It’s never happened to me, I’m pleased to say, as I don’t appear to be in demand!!!

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    • Helen C says:

      Ha ha… I am not in demand either 😉 I know myself well… I was trying to stop things happening before it actually happened. It’s “just in case”…


  3. Robin says:

    I do not love awards, but it is a way that bloggers get to connect with other bloggers. I have my own method of dealing with awards. I do love the idea of having an Award Free Blog 🙂

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    • Helen C says:

      Robin, I like your method of accepting awards. Still, I am happy with an award free blog. I connect to other bloggers through comments (emails in some cases). I just watched a video suggesting us making time to visit our friends in person instead of chatting with them online. In a way, it makes sense. But I really feel I have known so many of bloggers and I believe we do have a strong friendship among us. 😉

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      • Robin says:

        I will probably convert to award free one day. I spend so much time with friends and attending to life’s demands that my blogging suffers. Some days I just want to hole up in my room and do nothing but catch up with all the bloggers I miss.

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  4. Toad says:

    Never knew such things existed either way. Personally I could care less. You write, you photograph, you share with friends and maybe someone else might come by. It’s nice to link up with a few other travel bloggers and once in a great while we meet up for a beer or the like.

    I notice some people never leave home, yet write a travel blog. U suppose that;s like to old FFA and now SEO crowd. I’ve called them iPhone Lemmings for years and leave it at that.


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