Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Wood

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Wood

I always wanted to buy him a golf cart. I finally found one that I could afford.

golf cartbw


About Helen C

A retired computer programmer who loves writing and photographing, and has managed to publish a YA novel "Jin-Ling’s Two Left".
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13 Responses to Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Wood

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    LOL…..I love it. This little wooden cart is so cute 🙂

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  2. loisajay says:

    Helen–you are funny! So cute.

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  3. Amy says:

    I just love your wonderful sense of humour, Helen. 🙂 Very cool!

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  4. neihtn2012 says:

    That’s a nice one. Wouldn’t mind having one, even if I don’t play golf.

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  5. afairymind says:

    Love it – so cute. 🙂

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