Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #12: Path

Before I start, I want to let you know that I am taking a 2-week break, going north to see fall colors (we hope ;-)) I am not sure if we will have WIFI, so I may not be able to do anything online in these 14 days. Hope you all have 2 wonderful weeks.

This is my entry for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #12: Path.

Sometime, we walk alone; sometime, we don’t.

Sometime we lead; sometime we follow.

Sometime we see a well-marked path in front of us; sometime a red carpet welcomes us.

But, sometime, we have to create our own path to be where we want to be.

Many different paths… maybe that’s one of the reasons why life is interesting.

I want to thank Tina for another wonderful challenge. I have forgotten a lot of paths that I had taken in the past. Suddenly, they all come back to me and they seem all right.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #11: Small is Beautiful

For this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge (#11), Amy chooses “Small Is Beautiful” for the theme. What a great theme! It makes me smile.

A purple leaf grows on a sweet potato.

Raindrops, shinning like diamonds, were caught by a spider web.

Small is beautiful indeed! (Thanks, Amy.)

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Brenda’s Photo Study: Contemplative Photography I

This is my entry for Brenda’s A Photo Study: Contemplative Photography I, which was posted on June 23.

Brenda started this article with a quote from John F Simon, Jr (Drawing your own Path).

“The object is of secondary importance to how I see the object. …concentrated looking is the way to get past labels and our preconceived ideas of what interests us. Looking slowly and in detail, …gives way to interlocked abstract shapes, energetic textures, ranges of colors, spaces in between things, sharp edges, and soft shadows. This way of seeing objects turns any item into an interesting subject.”

For this photo study, the challenge/exercise is to take 10 photographs in 20 minutes, and before taking each photo, spend two minutes “being with…looking at…contemplating” the object – (your photo subject). (I hope I understand this challenge correctly.)

Now, going back to “Looking slowly and in detail”… my idea was to take photos with a large aperture to create a shallow DOF, so only a small part of the object would be clearly seen in detail at each photo ;-).

The Rock
Long time ago, one of my friends took me to a rock beach that had many of these rocks with “dimples”. I immediately collected 10, 20 of them, planning to take all home. My friend didn’t think I should take any. So I ended up putting all back except 3.

These rocks still fascinate me.

The Exercise
For this exercise, I probably would give myself a “D“ (because I don’t want an “F” ;-). Looking at the rock for 2 minutes was not a problem. I had done that many times in the past. But after looking at it for 2 minutes, I have to take a photo and then look again for another 2 minutes and then take another photo… this, somehow, didn’t work well for me. I think I probably only looked for 30 seconds.

Brenda has some interesting egg photos on her post. I hope you will stop by to read her post, if you haven’t done so.

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Brenda’s Photo Study: Variations

This is my entry for Brenda’s A Photo Study: Variation.

Brenda’s second article, “Variation”, in her contemplative Photography series was posted on June, 8. For this photo study, Brenda borrowed Ted Forbes’ photo assignment, asking us to create 10 images of one subject.

Here we go… 10 images of one subject.

My daughter brought this little guy home from Denmark as a gift for her dad, but I have more fun playing with it than he does.

I admit that this is probably an easy subject to work with. Looking at that face, I just couldn’t stop clicking? 😉

Thanks, Brenda, for another good article!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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Brenda’s Photo Study: Seeing

This is my submission for Brenda’s A Photo Study: Seeing.

Brenda has posted several articles regarding Contemplative Photography. Her first article, “Seeing”, in the series was posted on June, 2. In it, she provided us a link to Cemal Ekin’s article, “Seeing is the Essence of Photography, And You Can Learn to Do It Better.” I’m very happy to find out that seeing can be improved 😉

Cemal Ekin, in his article, suggests a simple exercise for us to try. You can also find this exercise in Brenda’s article, so I am not going to repeat it here. Basically, I stayed in our garage for 15 minutes and took 34 photos. “Look for texture, lines, shapes, forms rather than “things” to photograph,” Cemal says.

I found out that “not looking for things” does take some time to get used to. Even though I was trying to only see lines, shape, texture… etc., my first 3 photos turned out to be “things” that had lines, texture, and shape. However, ““Try to focus on things that normally escape your attention…” is quite easy, since I don’t usually spend time in garage anyway. 😉

It’s a fun exercise, I have to say. Thank you, Brenda.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #10: Fences

This is my entry for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #10: Fences.

Sometime we are on the same side of the fence.

Sometime we aren’t.

Sometime we build an invisible fence, separating us from the rest of the world.

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It’s all Fitbit’s Fault

I know I haven’t worked hard on my blog, read all the posts I wanted to read, commented whenever I felt like to comment…etc. for a while. Believe it or not, it’s all Fitbit’s fault.

My nephew bought a Fitbit a couple of years ago. I asked him if it would help me losing weight. He didn’t give me a clear answer. Instead, he said, “Just wait until Christmas. Who knows? You may get one from Santa!” I told him not to buy one for me, since I had been walking 30 minutes every day (almost every day… I think) and I had no plan to change.

A couple of months ago, my friend showed me her new toy. Guess what? A Fitbit! She told me how nice and how annoy at the same time that it would buzz if you had been sitting for a long time. I liked the annoying part and thought it would be a great birthday gift for Wei since, in my opinion, he spends too much time in front of his iPad. Well, Wei wasn’t very happy when he found out my plan. He didn’t want one.

My friend suggested me to get one for myself. “If Wei sees how good it is, he will ask for one also,” my friend said. So, I bought one.

I had no idea that Fitbit has this unreasonable expectation that everyone should walk 10,000 steps every day. I was surprised that walking 30 minutes on the treadmill only yielded 4000. The first 5 days, I failed to achieve this 10,000-step goal miserably. On the sixth day, my friend and I took a long walk on the trail and I finally managed to get 10,000 steps. It is possible to walk 10,000, I thought to myself.

I don’t really know how or why, the moment I had achieved 10,000-step goal, I became a slave of my Fitbit. I walk 5000 or 6000 steps on the trail in the morning. Then, I rest, or learn something from YouTube, or read some blogs (less than what I used to). Around 9 PM, on most days, I still have 2000 to 4000 steps to go, so I walk back and forth in the house until reaching 10,000 steps. Have I told you that 9 pm is supposed to be my time to blog?

Day after day, Fitbit makes me so tired that I don’t have any energy left for doing other things.

Have I lost any weight, you probably wonder? Well, in the beginning, I had. I lost 3 pounds, but, somehow, I gained one back (maybe two by now; Wei bought me two boxes of moon-cakes to celebrate my new life style ;-). Even though I hadn’t lost any weight after losing that 3 pounds, I feel healthier. And… are you ready for this? To my surprise, Wei started walking with me two weeks ago. I don’t know how long this will last (for Wei and for me), but I have learned to appreciate for the moment and I do. 😉

Now you know the truth: it is all Fitbit’s fault!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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