Brenda’s A Photo Study: The Photographer II

This is my submission for Brenda’s A Photo Study: The Photographer II.

“To have a point of departure is not to go out and shoot. It’s to have a project in mind and going out looking for a shot that represents or showcases this emotion or concept that your project is about.” ~Ralph Gibson (I copied this from Brenda’s post 😉

Even though I often go out to shoot whatever I see, Ralph Gibson’s words do resonate with me, because (1) if I have a project in mind, I would focus on the project and see things (related to the project) that I usually may not be able to see. (2) I know what to look for, and that makes easier for me.

So, this morning I went out to look for lines and shapes.

(Snowed yesterday, can you tell?)

Thanks, Brenda!

Thank you for visiting my blog.


About Helen C

A retired computer programmer who loves writing and photographing, and has managed to publish a YA novel "Jin-Ling’s Two Left".
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21 Responses to Brenda’s A Photo Study: The Photographer II

  1. loisajay says:

    Oh my gosh–it is April and you still have snow….! Your lines and shapes are perfect, Helen. I especially like the line of footprints in snow. That quote so resonates with me. If I tell my husband let’s drive around so I can take some pictures, I usually come back empty-handed (and in a bad mood)! But if we go somewhere specific–I come back home with a smile on my face. Having a project in mind works for me. This is a wonderful gallery of photos. Brenda is a good teacher.

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    • Helen C says:

      Good morning, Lois, and thank you. Brenda is a good teacher for sure, and following her study gives me a push to go out shooting 😉
      It snowed the whole afternoon on Wednesday; I took these photos on Thursday morning, and iThursday afternoon all snow on trees and some on the ground were melted. We didn’t bother to clean our driveway. 😉 This is a cold and long winter. I remember some year golf courses were opened around this time.
      You and me… I do like to have a project in mind. Having a project in mind doesn’t limit me; it empowers me. Ha.
      Have a great day, Lois.


  2. Snow here is melting… 🙂

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  3. brenda says:

    nice images…the last one of the tree wakens feelings of gentleness…the tones, I wonder? Foot prints in the snow…reminds me of the joy and mystery of finding rabbit prints in the snow as a child, especially when they were the only ones…as in your image. Where was the point of departure and where was the destination. :). We are scheduled to have snow this weekend. I will most likely stay in with a book or watch a drama, or two. Thanks for joining me on this learning journey.

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    • Helen C says:

      Thanks, Brenda. I have taken photos of that tree many times, but every time when I walked on the treadmill, seeing it from where I was, I felt to take one more because I liked how it looked from that angle. I am glad I finally did 😉
      I have never seen any animals in our yard other than squirrels and one neighbor’s cat, but I have seen several different kind of foot prints on the snow through winter. I wish they would ring the doorbell 😉
      40 degree is my threshold 😉 Below 40, I usually stay home unless it’s sunny and no wind. In that case, maybe 34. Since we had a long and cold winter this year, I had a chance to try still life photographing, and I enjoyed it quite a lot (you can play with light). I can picture wonderful still life photos you might take… you have a wonderful photographing style.
      Have a great day.

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  4. Beautiful images and I also do the same Helen, I take photos of everything I see, I had classes where I had to take pictures of a certain theme. Have a nice weekend!!!

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    • Helen C says:

      Thanks, Paulo. Recently, my husband and I would pick a particular lens and shoot with that lens (like 50 mm lens or 24-200 lens… etc.) for a week. That is fun, too 😉
      Have a wonderful evening.

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  5. Rupali says:

    I do enjoy “a point of departure” projects and have done a few but the durations of such projects were small. The lines and shapes in your images are so very beautiful.

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  6. Amy says:

    Beautiful images, Helen! Foot prints in the snow is my favorite. Snow in April, you guy have had a long winter.

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  7. These are very successful images, colors, composition, subject. Especially loved the tree branch.

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    • Helen C says:

      Thank you, Inese. Tree branch is probably my favorite, too. Something about this tree attracts me a lot. Maybe it is because I think the real tree looks better than the one in my photo, and that challenges me to keep shooting 😉
      Have a wonderful evening.


  8. Love the footsteps in the snow! Super images ..

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  9. Cristina says:

    Beautiful photography! 🙂 love the one with footprints!

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