XDrive Photo Lesson 4 – Breathing Space (Part 2)

This is a continuation of my submission for XDrive Photo Lesson 4 – Breathing Space 😉 Mainly, I am trying to incorporate some (all?) of Raj’s comments.

(All photos were taken with Nikon D750.)

Photo #1

Raj said, “Pic 1: in my opinion there are too many things here. I would have eliminated the trees across the water and just left the tree reflection in the water.”

(The new one is on the left.)

Just for the fun…

Photo #2

Raj edited photo #2 (Thanks) and posted it on his blog, here. I tried to see if I could come up with the same result, but this is the best I could do. 😉 Well, I do like it better than before and that makes me happy enough. 😉

Photo #3

Raj said, “Pic 3: … But in this case since sky is pretty ordinary so probably you could have put only 1/3 of the sky here.”

I did. I thought I did. 😉 The problem is that the trees on the right are taller than the left. Based on the trees on the right, the sky was exactly 1/3. But Raj had a point that the sky wasn’t very interesting, so maybe it should be less than 1/3?

I spent more time on this photo than the others. After cropping out some sky, I felt I had too much of the foreground grass. And I wanted to keep a wide view… (on and on.)

Anyway, here is the final result. I still think it can be better, but this is it for now. 😉



Photo #4

Raj said, “Pic 4: Composition could have been bit to the left so the subject has equal space on either side. Also the pic needs some tilt adjustment.”

It’s too late to change the composition to a bit left, am I right?

Unfortunately, my old habit hasn’t left me. I often feel that I am under a lot of pressure to catch the exact moment. I feel I only have a second to take the photo before the scene changes, so I hurriedly lift the camera and click. This is one thing that I really would like to change.

I had thought of applying tilt adjustment before posting this photo (really.) After looking at the roof line, and many lines on the boardwalk, I got confused which line should be absolute horizontal, so I left it as the way it was. Of course, Raj would notice it…

What do you think?

(Lois, can you see that I have a lot of fun? 😉 😉 😉 Here is a big smile from me to you.)

Thanks for visiting my blog.


About Helen C

A retired computer programmer who loves writing and photographing, and has managed to publish a YA novel "Jin-Ling’s Two Left".
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14 Responses to XDrive Photo Lesson 4 – Breathing Space (Part 2)

  1. Raj says:

    Wonderful and prompt response Helen… you are too fast..
    Set 1: You know what I liked the third one! One which you said for fun. Actually when I was writing about it for the first time, I thought that how about the landscape view and totally eliminate the bottom part. I felt that it’s a distraction and steals away the attention. You did exactly what I had in my mind.. It looks far batter in my opinion.
    Set 2: Wonderful job once again. I think your edit is between mine and the original. I tend to go bit of a overboard whenever I see a sky like this one..You can create lot of drama in it. But it should be based on the mood you are trying to bring in.
    Set 3: My 1/3 was not till the tip of the trees. I calculated the 1/3 from the top of the furthest dense tree line there. Basically I wanted to remove as much as sky. Also there is much of grass, but I think since they have layers in them and what you did looks fine to me.
    Set 4: Yes now you could do very little. I think taking the quick picture is a good habit one should have. If you had not done that you wouldn’t be having this picture… Regarding the tilt. I would go in between the two pictures. In this case building lines take our attention the boardwalk IMO.
    Cheers Helen for the participation.. hope that is helpful for many of us here!

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    • Helen C says:

      Thank you, Raj.
      Set 1: I like the landscape version a lot too. I tried landscape just for fun, didn’t have any expectation out of that. Since there are so many vertical lines in the photo, I thought portrait mode would be the better choice. This exercise opened my eyes. 😉
      Set 2: I am curious how did you make the sky look that way. I mean which editing command? I used “new adjustment layer”, but I couldn’t achieve the same result like yours.
      Set 4: You were right! I tried tilting in between the two photos, I like it much better. I didn’t realize I could do that. I though I had to choose one or the other. THANKS!
      I like learning. I have so much fun. Thank you.

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      • Raj says:

        Thanks Helen for the feedback.. Set 1 the landscape gives better focus on the subject.. in this case it would be “Reflections” otherwise yes portrait mode makes more sense as you said.
        Set 2: I don’t use PS, but in PS you should be able to achieve it too.. Basically increase the contrast and reduce the highlights.. blue color increased a bit.. Basically its all trial and error. If you are shooting raw.. then you can have still better results in the post process.

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  2. Amy says:

    Having the before and after (based on Raj’s suggestions) is a great idea. I’m learning so much from Raj and you. Thank you, Helen.

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    • Helen C says:

      Thanks, Amy. I got the idea from you 😉 I saw you add a couple of photos on your post after getting Raj’s comment and I thought that is a great idea 😉
      Learning creative things is not as easy as learning math. Asking questions helps me understanding the subject.
      Good night.

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  3. loisajay says:

    Yes, you do have fun, Helen! In fact, I do agree with Raj–I love your ‘just for fun’ photo of the trees in the water. You edited it beautifully. I am smiling right back at you! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • Helen C says:

      Thanks, Lois. I do too — I like that “just for fun” photo. But I thought it should be portrait mode since there are so many vertical lines in the photo. This is very interesting.
      Good night.

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  4. Mabel Kwong says:

    Raj certainly has given you a lot of tips and has made you seen your photos and the way you approach photography differently. In Photo 4, I can’t really tell which is the before and after, but I’m guessing the one on the right is the edited version. Like you, I like to capture the moment quick. So many times I’ve been a second or two too slow and missed what I hoped to get in a shot. For me,a lot of the time is click on shot, and then right after that one shot, I’d try to take another more composed shot 🙂 I feel that a photo that is somewhere near I want but not perfect, it would give me something to work with rather than missing the moment.

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    • Helen C says:

      Thank you, Mabel. Photo 4: the left one is the after. I straightened the roof line, but because of the boardwalk lines, the photo still doesn’t look right — that’s why you had a hard time to tell which was before and which after 😉 Raj’s suggestion was good that I should tilt in between these two photos. I tried and liked it much better.
      You have a wonderful suggestion: click first, and then take time to shoot another one. I love this idea! Thank you!
      Have a wonderful day.

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  6. Lady Oscar says:

    I have learned a lot from your photo sharing and commentaries. The dialog in your mind is very philosophical and true. Reading your blog is like talking to a wise friend! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    • Helen C says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comment. Our deck is finally done. It’s so easy to choose sitting on the deck and do nothing 😉 Soon, fall will be here… if it is not hear already.
      I can’t believe that you made another trip to Arizona (it Arizona, right?) Very inspiring.
      Have a wonderful evening.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lady Oscar says:

        true… when my students are getting ready to go back to school (next week!), I am so surprised that the summer is almost over.
        It will be still warm here for at least another month or so…

        yes, I went to Arizona again. after I am back, I keep learning by watching the video lectures. when I am learning and practicing Dharma, I am very happy! ^^

        Liked by 1 person

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