Learning Photographing… Thoughts/Questions


When I signed up for Writing-101, I committed to blog every day. Writing-101 posts a writing assignment each weekday in June, but no weekend assignments. I’ve thought about skipping blogging for weekends, but decided to give it a try first.

Today, I would list some of my thoughts/questions after following so many wonderful photographing bloggers for a short while. (I am thinking out loud here.)

(1) Seeing great photos cheers me up. I particularly like to see them in the morning; that usually brings me a wonderful day.

(2) I enjoy seeing great photos and sometime I even make an effort to remember how they look, but I am not sure I want a copy of them (either digital or print). It’s like how I appreciate arts in a museum, but never have a desire to bring any home. One reason is that I know there are so many great ones out there and I don’t have space for all. The other reason… well, I can’t afford them anyway. (Besides, I have some of my own that I like.)

STILL, I am surprised and happy to know there are so many great photographers out there!

(3) If I have time (and enough money)… there are several photographers I would like to take lessons from. I am wondering if I should start a 10 year plan… take one class a year.

(4) How do I know I am good enough? I gained a lot of confidence in writing after winning a couple of writing contest. But how do I validate myself in photographing? Will I ever be good enough (“good” according to my standard)?

(5) What do I do with all the photos I have taken? Make a photo book? (And another book for writing?)

(6) I am happier since I started reading all these wonderful photographing blogs. Will a good photograph help those depressed people too? I mean…
is it possible that these beautiful photos will make some of them happy too?

(7) What do I do next to improve myself, other than keep reading?

(8) I used to think a picture without a friend/relative in it was meaningless (this was long time ago). Then one day, I changed – I like taking photo with nobody in it. Now I like taking photo with strangers in it. I wonder what will be the next.

So many things… I guess I will go out to take a picture now…


About Helen C

A retired computer programmer who loves writing and photographing, and has managed to publish a YA novel "Jin-Ling’s Two Left".
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14 Responses to Learning Photographing… Thoughts/Questions

  1. rommel says:

    Blogging is definitely a great school for photography. 😀 For me, learn from the examples then shoot, shoot, shoot, and shoot. That’s all you really need, I think. Sorry for the plug but here’s a little down and straight mini-lesson I had – http://thesophomoreslump2.com/2013/09/26/still/


  2. Helen C says:

    Thanks, Rommel. I appreciate your comment and advice! I like your mini-lesson. I am anxious to give it a try. THANK YOU!


  3. Hi-Rommel is so right (and I also happen to follow his blog.. he started following me back when I had a writing blog..cool we both commented here). Anyway, Otto (from In Flow Blog) said he will be having another E-Workshop in the fall..It’s worth the wait!!
    I recall you saying you need to learn Photoshop, I personally have never used it except to re-size a photo..I prefer Lightroom as you can keep all of your photos there in a catalog (in case your computer crashes, your photos are safe)..try the 30 day free trial, Adobe has awesome free tutorials so help you as well!

    Anytime we give of ourselves (a photo, a written word, a painting) to others we feel good..

    As for your photos, you take wonderful pictures..I too prefer street shots!


    • PS- I meant to add this link..This site has some great info and if you sign up (free) you get daily emails with a ton on useful info: http://www.picturecorrect.com/


      • Helen C says:

        Thanks, Lynne. Yes, I have asked Otto to put my name on his list so I will get a notice when he has a class scheduled. (Thanks!!!) And I just signed up for PictureCorrect site. (Thanks!!!) We have both Photoshop and Lightroom, but we are not good in either 😉 I can do basic things, that’s about it. I like to focus on one and move the next. Since I am using Photoshop element somewhat, learning Photoshop would be a little easier at this moment. I hope. Ha.
        (As you can see, I can’t thank you enough 😉 By the way, I probably like street photograph the best, but at the same time, I always worry if people would get upset when I take their photos. I read an article saying nothing to worry. It says if someone doesn’t like it, you can delete the photo. But I am just not brave enough. I am trying to build up the courage on that too. 😉


  4. treerabold says:

    I feel much the same way. I’ve fallen in love with photography since starting my blog. I am also learning. I thinks it’s important that we be open to what others say and keep practicing!!


  5. Helen C says:

    Good morning, and thanks. You are absolutely right! I am busy learning from everyone!

    Other than the site Lynne mentioned in her comment, I also found this one:

    Have a good day!


  6. benrowef64 says:

    I learnt through a formal education, college and then art school, With this experience I would say that you do need to learn the basic technical side of photography, which can be done by yourself reading and experimenting. From then on it is the case of going out and taking pictures, experimenting and seeing what works. Blogging can help as you can share images and get feedback. I do recommend sharing work directly with photographers as they can give technical and constructive feedback. In my opinion the best way to learn is by taking pictures.
    One mistake some make is thinking that the more gear they have the better they will be this is totally not true.

    What do you do with these pictures? I have so many pictures on my hard drives I print some of them in books, make prints for my apartment and then every now and again switch the pictures over, give them as presents as well as sell them. Although only by best shots, I also have a lot of lousy shots that never see the light of day outside of my computer.

    To sum up, read/learn , practise, share, receive criticism, repeat.

    I hope this helps.


    • Helen C says:

      Good morning, Ben. Thank you for taking time to answer some of my questions. I really appreciate it. Your comment helps a lot!
      I think having a formal education or not does make some difference. When you were in school, you had been graded by your teaches, so you had a sense of how good you were (and maybe how to be better?), even though art is quite subjective. But for people like me who didn’t have formal education on this subject (and this is so subjective), it is hard for us to get a real feeling of where we stand. At least it is for me.
      I have found a site that I could get some feedback from other photographers (members give feedback to each other), but most comment I saw there were not helpful. I am still searching. (One way to solve this is to take classes from a good photographer. In that way I can get honest feedback from my instructor.)
      “Read/learn , practice, share, receive criticism, repeat.” — I will. 😉



  7. Hi Helen

    In my opinion you are good enough when you are proud of what you have taken. When some emotions are stirred from your photograph you have done your job but it’s all about you. Should others along the way like it that’s great but in my humble opinion no validation is needed just do it because you love it and that will shine through. Best Mark


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  9. Marie says:

    Hi. Taking classes to learn about about photography is a great way to learn about camera functions and basic photography principles. But all the classes and equipment won’t make a great photo. My biggest problem is I think every shot should be a great one and so many go right into the trash bin. I think we are also need to remember that many of the photographs we see have been processed, edited, and enhanced. Two people can take almost exactly the same photo but they won’t look alike. You need a eye for composition and the moment. I think you have that essential element.


    • Helen C says:

      Thanks, Marie. I am always excited when I got a crisp shot, and I want more. I think solving the problem (why a lot of my photos are not as sharp as I like) is part of fun. And all of you have helped me a lot! I appreciate it.

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