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Banana Cream Pie (NaBloPoMo Day 7)

One local restaurant is famous for pies. The other day, before heading to my friend’s house for dinner, I stopped by to pick up a pie. “I would like to buy a banana cream pie,” I said to a young … Continue reading

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Mother-in-law (NaBloPoMo Day 6)

Mom was an old fashioned woman. She treated my dad like a royal king, and treated every one of her son-in-laws like a royal prince. Of course, she expected her daughters to follow suit. One day when we visited my … Continue reading

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The Journey or the Destination (NaBloPoMo Day 3)

What is more important: the journey or the destination? — Picture from Tainan Park Elementary School FaceBook page. One day when I was in the third grade, our teacher announced that we were going to take a field-trip. Every student … Continue reading

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A Special Radio (NaBloPoMo Day 2)

My daughter loves to sing. When she was 7 or 8, whenever we took a road trip, she would sing her heart out from the backseat. Sometime she would take requests from us. I wasn’t good in remembering names of … Continue reading

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NaMo and A Bike Story

Every year toward the end of October, I get excited, not because of Halloween, but because NaNoWriMo is around the corner. National Novel Writing Month (often shortened to NaNoWriMo /ˈnænoʊ ˈraɪmoʊ/), is an annual, Internet-based creative writing project that takes … Continue reading

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What I should have said…

A couple of years ago, my nephew Jason introduced google photo to me. After trying it for 5 minutes, I gave up. This year, again, Jason created a google photo album to share our family gathering photos. Seeing how much … Continue reading

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A Little Thought – 2017 Week 4

Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence. — Leonardo da Vinci. Many of us walked to this spot to take pictures. When we got there, for a couple of seconds, we forgot what we were supposed to do. That silence … Continue reading

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